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Slovenian Minister of Economy, Tourism, and Sports pays a visit to Narayan Foods

February 24, 2023

The fastest-growing company in the Adriatic food sector, Narayan Foods, was visited by the Slovenian minister of Economy, Tourism, and Sport, Matjaž Han. The purpose of the visit was to tour Narayan Foods’ production and see first-hand the sustainable food solutions the team is developing.

Narayan Foods’ development and production facilities are the result of a multi-million-Euro investment cycle and the plans to build the largest future food and vertically integrated sustainable food hub in Europe. The newly opened development and technology center and production capacities enable the company to meet the growing demand for healthy, sustainable, and organic foods, which it exports to more than 75,000 stores in Europe and other countries.

During his visit, the minister spoke about Narayan Foods’ role in the industrialization and commercialization of sustainable foods of the future. He was surprised and delighted when he tasted Ohney, the world’s first plant-based honey, developed in partnership with MeliBio, a startup from California, USA. Ohney is equivalent in taste and texture to bee-made honey and is currently the only true sustainable successor to honey without the use of bees.

Narayan Foods’ successful growth while operating in the challenging healthy food market is mainly due to an innovative mindset and mastery of the entire supply value chain. They ensured the company shelves of the largest retail chains in Europe. Narayan Foods’ vision of sustainable and environmentally friendly foods aligns with the vision of global retail chains that are aware of the impact of food on the environment. Developing sustainable food products, employing people with disabilities, measuring and reducing carbon footprint, and waste management are just some of the actions Narayan Foods is taking to achieve its sustainability and carbon neutrality goals.

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