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Solaris Biotech and Extracellular cooperate for a sustainable food industry

October 2, 2023

Extracellular is using Solaris Biotech cultivators to develop production processes for the cultured meat industry. In fact, it offers a research and development service for third parties, providing its cultivators and know-how for the time it takes to develop the production process that will then be applied by the client industry.

Extracellular's activities meet the growing interest in alternative protein sources to address the environmental and ethical challenges associated with traditional animal farming.

The Bristol, UK-based company is contributing to a more sustainable and ethical food system by potentially reducing the environmental impact of meat production.

Extracellular uses small and flexible cultivators of the 'ONE' model family to demonstrate the suitability of microbial and mammalian systems for the application of cultured meat. Cultivators are devices used for the cultivation of microorganisms or cells in a controlled environment. They enable researchers and biotechnologists to perform various fermentation processes, such as the growth of bacteria, yeasts or other cell cultures, under controlled conditions.

"The Solaris ONE cultivators allow Extracellular to test cell performance on a small scale before moving on to larger systems," said Katrien Verbrugge, Sales Director EMEA of Solaris Biotech. "The Extracellular team is using the Solaris lab equipment to test agitation, temperature, pH, dO2 and feeding strategies."

"Our commitment is to combine expertise, resources and cutting-edge technology to accelerate research, development and commercialisation efforts," added Kiren Baines Co-Founder & CSO of Extracellular. "The ultimate goal is to bring increasingly innovative products and solutions to the market. Solaris' ONE cultivator, with its Wi-Fi connection and simple web interface, is very useful to easily set up and design processes for our customers."

“We found it to be a great system, with great control software,” concluded Will Milligan, Co-Founder & CEO of Extracellular.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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