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Successful cultivated meat test conducted by BSF

June 1, 2023

BSF, the biotech company and owner of UK-based clinical and cellular agriculture company 3D Bio-Tissues, has announced that it has successfully produced a further two full-scale fillets of cultivated pork, as well as a cultivated pork strip, which were presented at a technical event on Friday 25 May 2023.

The cultivated pork fillets each measured 5cm in diameter, 3cm in height, and circa 60g in weight, making them similar in size to traditional 2oz tenderloin steaks. This time, the company had worked on increasing the thickness of the fillet in comparison to the fillet produced in January this year. In addition, it produced a cultivated pork strip, or ‘noodle’ measuring circa 30cm in length and 1cm in diameter. The development of the pork strip demonstrates the effectiveness of the company’s intellectual property in being applied to produce meat in the future as a consumer-ready, ‘pre-sliced’ form for cooking purposes.

The cultivated meat products were produced using 3DBT's patented, serum-free and animal-free cell booster City-Mix, which eliminates the requirement of conventional plant-based scaffolds, blends or fillers, as have been universally adopted by the industry to date to ensure structural integrity of cultivated meat products. 3DBT's products are therefore 100% structured meat, produced without any animals suffering in its production.

The latest iteration of 100% meat products underwent testing, with data collected and study participants invited to inspect the product in a raw and cooked state. Study participants were limited to those persons who had a direct working relationship or involvement with the Company. The cultivated meat fillets were then pan-fried and presented formally by a trained, independent chef, while the meat strip was first cut in two portions, and subsequently poached or pan-fried, in order to test an array of cooking methods. The chef’s involvement was key to demonstrating that the cultivated meat could be handled and cooked in the same way as traditional meat, and the results were very positive.

The company has confirmed that the 100% cultivated meat products were very similar in appearance to conventional meat in their raw state, with fibers clearly visible. The results from cutting and cooking the fillets were also consistent with the previous results in terms of overall appearance, aroma and searing/crisping. The

Study participants that tasted the cultivated meat provided very positive feedback in terms of its taste and texture.

"We have gained a huge amount of valuable knowledge from testing our products with a trained chef and we were reassured to observe that our cultivated meat is able to be handled and cooked in the same way as traditional meat products," said Che Connon, Managing Director of BSF Enterprise and CEO at 3D Bio Tissues. "Further, data collected from the study participants indicated comparable meat qualities to traditional pork meat, which was very pleasing and highly validating of our work. This gives us further confidence as we continue our conversations with potential customers to licence out the technologies demonstrated as well as building on the agreements already secured.”

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