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Symrise launches chickpea and aquafaba ingredients with multiple benefits for plant-based applications

October 16, 2023

Within its taste, nutrition and health expertise, Symrise has launched a range of diana food chickpea and aquafaba ingredients with multiple benefits. The range is backed by the expertise of Symrise in sourcing, quality, and food safety. The ingredients open opportunities in the development of plant-based food products with cleaner labels.

Chickpea has become a food of choice for nutrition-conscious consumers that care about the impact of their diet on the planet. Symrise addresses this demand with its chickpea and aquafaba ingredients. The company produces chickpea flakes, a vegan protein option. Their high protein and fiber content make them a valuable nutritional ally for plant-based recipes. They bring texture and juiciness to a wide range of applications, including falafels, healthy snacks, and dips such as hummus.

Aquafaba – literally, 'bean water' in Latin – describes the cooking water of chickpeas. Symrise has applied its technological skills to create aquafaba flakes. They act as a vegan alternative to egg yolk allowing clear labeling. They bring texture to products while offering water and oil retention properties. Aquafaba flakes guarantee a vegan option with comparable texture and taste to mayonnaise and salad dressings.

Symrise chickpea and aquafaba flakes allow clear and understandable labeling, as 'Aquafaba (chickpea water)' or 'Chickpea'. They contain no EU allergen, while being gluten free and non-GMO. They suit a wide range of recipes, thanks to their light taste and color. Pre-cooked, these kitchen-like ingredients are easy to use. Convenient, they only require ambient storage, and come with a long shelf-life up to eighteen months.

“According to a recent Euromonitor study, 42% of the population is restricting its consumption of animal-based products," said Sophie Helleux, Product Manager in the Naturals Business Unit of Symrise Food & Beverage said. "These chickpea ingredients constitute another way in which Symrise is addressing the growing, trendy plant-based market. Aquafaba offers the perfect vegan alternative to egg yolk, while chickpea flakes improve the nutritional value.”

The aquafaba and chickpea range of Symrise extends the already comprehensive offer of natural food and beverage solutions following the code of 'nature' principle. They offer a big variety of options also for plant-based applications, encompassing 'symlife' taste balancing solutions, impactful flavors, and ingredients. This empowers the company to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of customers and consumers in terms of tasty, nutritional, and healthy benefits in everything they consume.

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