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The EVERY Co and Alpha Foods enter Joint Development Agreement to bring next-generation alt meat to market

May 6, 2023

The EVERY Co has announced a Joint Development Agreement with Alpha Foods. The collaboration will accelerate improvements in the taste and texture of non-animal products, as EVERY’s proteins – which are more sustainable, nature-equivalent versions of animal proteins – combined with Alpha’s chef-crafted products, promise to deliver consumers delicious, craveable meals without the disease risk, price volatility, and environmental footprint of traditional meats.

The agreement will allow Alpha Foods to explore innovative uses of EVERY’s animal-free protein to enhance its plant-based product lines, which comprise meatless offerings for every meal. EVERY EggWhite, a high-performing, better-binding alt meat solution, has been shown to create desired textures and flavors in plant-based foods, delivering taste and performance outcomes above and beyond those of plant-based replacements.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Alpha Foods to work hand-in-hand to craft better-than-ever alt meat offerings, unlocking the massive potential of this category to drive the next generation of kinder consumer-favorite foods,” commented EVERY Co-Founder & CEO Arturo Elizondo (pictured above). “Expansion to alt meat allows us to further our goal of offering game-changing solutions to visionary F&B brands across a variety of categories, co-creating next-gen foods at the forefront of sustainability, food safety and clean label.”

Made by precision fermentation, Vegan Society Certified EVERY EggWhite offers food formulators a hyper-functional drop-in for egg whites from hens that is cage-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. In alt meat applications, it brings next-level binding and gelation qualities that allow foods to more closely resemble their natural analogs, without the use of synthetics or overly processed binding agents. Most importantly, EVERY EggWhite’s high marks on functionality translate to “meatier” textures that are often missing for consumers.

“At Alpha Foods we believe that everyone, meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike, should be welcomed to enjoy their plant-based products without any ‘labels’ or judgment, savoring all the health and environmental benefits that they provide,” added Cole Orobetz, Alpha Co-Founder & CEO. “We’re drawn to EVERY’s animal-free proteins given they’re designed to help bridge the gap between plant-based products and the real thing, broadening the category to attract new consumers. We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward to bringing products to consumers soon.”

In partnering with EVERY, Alpha Foods is taking another step on its journey to set a new standard for plant-based innovation, continuing to lead the way in serving up better-than-ever familiar favorites.

You can read an interview with EVERY's Arturo Elizondo in the April/May 2023 edition of Protein Production Technology International.

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