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UK recipe kit company becomes first to launch new carbon footprint initiative

February 6, 2023

Grubby, the UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe box subscription service, has become the first UK recipe kit provider to show the carbon footprint of each of its recipes and provide customers with a personalized carbon ‘foodprint’ via an in-app Foodprint Tracker dashboard. The Foodprint Tracker analyses CO2e saved with each recipe when compared against an equivalent recipe that contains meat.

Carbon impact for the entire range of over 100 recipes is calculated by ‘life cycle assessment’ considering each ingredient’s specific journey, including where and how it’s farmed, transported and packaged, to determine its total emission calculation. Using this assessment, each Grubby recipe is rated on a scale of A-E (A=lowest carbon footprint, E=highest carbon footprint). For example:

Grubby Mushroom Stroganoff (1.86 kgCO2e) is placed in the 'Grade A' emissions category indicating a ‘Very Low’ carbon rating. The meat equivalent has a staggering 25kg CO2e carbon footprint and is rated ‘E’, indicating the highest carbon footprint.

Commenting on the initiative, Grubby Founder Martin Holden-White said, “We're all much more aware of how vital it is to make positive changes today, especially when we know that food is responsible for at least one-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Tracking and reducing the carbon footprint of the food we consume is one of the best and quickest ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. We're delighted to be able to give our customers an easy way to track their impact and see their carbon savings versus meat equivalent meals.”

To date, Grubby’s customers have saved more than 1,740 tons of CO2 versus eating equivalent meat meals.

As one of the UK’s first 1,000 B Corps, Grubby has placed sustainability at its core, from compostable packaging to delivering most of its deliveries via bike and fully electric couriers. Working with My Emissions, a UK organisation helping food companies to understand and reduce their carbon footprint, Grubby has calculated and reduced its carbon footprint across all areas of the business, including the food chain, packaging, cooking and delivery process.

"I'm proud that we're partnering with Grubby, and together can offer an integrated solution for carbon labelling and tracking for thousands of happy customers. I hope this inspires people to make more sustainable food choices," added Matthew Isaacs, Co-Founder of My Emissions.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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