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Wurst-case scenario: Germany's meat consumption at a low in 2022

May 11, 2023

Preliminary data from the Federal Information Centre for Agriculture (BZL) in Germany show that the long-term trend toward lower meat consumption has continued in 2022. At 52kg per person, per capita meat consumption fell by around 4.2kg compared to 2021 and is lower than at any time since consumption calculations began in 1989.

People consumed about 2.8kg less pork, 900g less beef and veal and 400g less poultry meat. Possibly, the decline in meat consumption is caused be the continuing trend towards a plant-based diet.

Net production reflects the trends in domestic demand - animals slaughtered domestically: Compared to the previous year, pork production sank by 9.8%, while beef and veal production declined by 8.2%. Net production of poultry meat fell by 2.9%.

According to BZL preliminary figures, meat production in 2022 will be at 116% of domestic demand (compared to 118% in the previous year). For poultry, 97.4% of domestic demand can be met from domestic production.

In the course of 2023, the BZL, located within the Federal Agency of Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung), will adapt the calculation method for the meat supply balance to meat consumption, based on recent scientific findings regarding both commodity flows and current factors for the conversion of meat consumption. As a result, figures may differ and be higher than under the method used so far. For better comparability over time, the BZL will also calculate and present meat supplies of the past decade using the new method.

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